Resolving 'DCF full error' message in Samsung cameras

Samsung digital cameras incorporate user-friendly features, and thus are quite popular with the masses. You can select from a range of digital cameras including the GX series, the NV series, the ST series, L series and more.

These cameras use a variety of memory cards to enable you to store a good number of high-resolution photos and videos. However, at times data stored on the memory card of a Samsung digital camera can become inaccessible.

One of the major reasons being memory card corruption. In such situations, you can restore the lost data from a clean and updated backup. And, if you do not have an appropriate backup to fall back upon, then you must consider using a digital camera photo recovery software.

Consider a scenario, wherein, you attempt to view pictures stored in your Samsung camera, and instead receive the following errors:

"DCF full error"


"No file"

Cause :

DCF full error: This error usually occurs when you are using a memory card formatted in another camera. Due to improper formatting, the file structure format of the memory card is not compatible with your Samsung camera.

No file:

The obvious reason behind this error message is that your memory card is almost empty. If you are sure about the presence of photos on it, then it is very much possible that the memory card is corrupted. Another reason could be that your Samsung camera is storing all of your photos in internal memory. (You can easily move the photos from internal memory to the memory card)

Resolution :

In order to fix corruption and incompatibility issues, you must follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Format the memory card in your Samsung digital camera. This solution tackles the issues related to incompatible and damaged file system.
  2. Since formatting deleted the previously saved data, you should perform immediate memory card recovery.

You can find various third-party software on the Internet to perform recovery of data. But, it is recommended you select read only digital camera recovery software which doesn't modify the original data.

Photo Recovery is easy-to-use software which recovers lost or deleted photos and other multimedia files from various digital cameras including Samsung, Canon, Sony etc. This digital camera photo recovery software is available for both Windows and Mac users.


  1. Yes, in this case third party photo recovery tool is best option to recover pictures from damaged memory card. I was also experiencing same error before 5 days and was unable to access my precious photos.

    But, after using a globally used photo recovery software it become possible for me to see and save all my pictures with original quality. I would also recommend this tool to all who are suffering such kind of corruption problem :


    1. Hi Carrie ! thanks for this advance tool. I recovered all my lost pictures with their original quality.